Pinno Core Banking is an integrated, Comprehensive, cost effective and user friendly bank grade SACCO Core Banking and Management Solution/ERP that is highly favored by institutions with a vision of growth & efficiency. It also:

  1. Follows accepted global best banking practices - International Code of Banking.
  2. Can be used to run the Back Office (B.O.S.A), Front Office (F.O.S.A), Micro Credit(Finance) or all.
  3. Can support from 50 to over 1 million Members.
  4. Can support 1 to 300 interconnected branches.
  5. Can support 3 to 1,000 staff.

Key Modules

  1. Loan Management systems
  2. Front office (FOSA)
  3. Back Office(BOSA)
  4. Micro Credit
  5. Shares and Deposits
  6. HR and Payroll
  7. Asset management